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Corporate business was my life. I went to college in Oregon for business so I could work hard and get a great job. I worked for a well-known financial firm in Newport Beach for about 10 years when doTERRA essential oils entered my life. They entered at a time when I had a 2-year-old and was pregnant with my second. For our first birth, we had gone through Bradley Method Birthing and used a doula to help with birthing.

I knew I wanted to incorporate essential oils into my second natural birth. What I didn’t realize at that time that doTERRA would not only change our family’s direction of healthcare, but it would change my career and financial freedom. I left my corporate job almost 3 years ago and have now been with doTERRA for 5 1/2 years sharing natural wellness and financial freedom with as many as I can.

My passion is still to share natural alternatives with everyone, but now my mission is so much larger. It’s to show you, that you can also trade your high heels in for flip flops. To help your dreams become a reality to no longer be working for someone else, but have time and financial freedom to live the life you dream of.

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